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24-7 Innovations strives to be the leader in small product, and short production run Military Spec Part manufacturing.

We have the capability to quickly manufacture Carbon fiber components, non conductive composite products, Armored panels, angles, and unique shapes.  We are capable of meeting tolerances of products for the US Department of Defense.  We have a successful history with US Military Depots for quickly producing and delivering products that meet and exceed the required specs.  There are no job product quantity minimums, we can build prototypes, tooling, and final product for a production runs as low as 1 product!  That is where we serve the industry best.  Most shops require large production runs to even look at the prints.  Although we specialize in job specific small lots we are by no means limited to small jobs, we can meet larger scale production runs as well, with the same quality and competitive pricing.

We are not restricted to just composite manufacturing. If you have a unique product or need or need a product manufactured from metal, we would be able to produce it as well.  Our highly qualified machine shop can manufacture products specific to your needs.  We would be glad to help in any way we can.

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